New Figure - Blue Djinn

The time has come! We are finally releasing the fourth figure from Zwo's Miniatures. It is an unleashed genie coming out of his magic lamp. This launch offer, with a 15% discount, will be available from March 11th until March 15th. LIMITED edition, 50 miniatures.

DURATION OF THE OFFER FROM 11/03 TO 15/03Special Offer



BUST 1/12


The Figure in Detail

Get to know the bust better.


There is a single purchase option which can be seen below. It is discounted 15% off the final price, exclusive of this introductory offer.

Blue Djinn

Figure in Physical Format
Price without discount: 45,00€


The production is made in high quality resin by 3D printing in high quality 12K. The casting of the figures is really good and clean thanks to DragonMiniatures. The production by 3D printing has a great advantage for the painter and is that the figure hardly requires any preparation.

Below you can see different pictures of the product you will receive:

Delivery Time

We will start shipping the figures at the end of April. Although we will try to send them as soon as possible.

Shipping Cost

For Spain, shipping costs will be free on purchases over 100€. For the rest of the European Union, shipping costs will be free on purchases over 150€.

For orders under 100€, shipping costs will depend on the weight of the products purchased, but will usually be 6.95€ for Spain and 11.75€ for the rest of the European Union.

Shipping costs are automatically added at the time of purchase.

We do not ship outside the European Union, except for the United Kingdom, where we do ship.


Don't forget to visit our online store, where you can find other fantastic miniatures. Also, from April we will start uploading video tutorials and painting guides to our online painting academy, where you can learn how to paint the bust (only in spanish.
¡Estas son algunas de nuestras clases de pintura!

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